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04 Jan


Welcome to our Blog!

January 4, 2016 | By |

Welcome to Strategic Edge Imports (SEI)! SEI is a Lincoln-based import company which specializes in location, negotiation and shipment of products and materials to the United States. SEI imports a variety of products including bulk fasteners, toilets, custom shower doors, sinks, printers, routers, inks, vinyl, acrylic, display products, construction products and so much more! Also provided by SEI is equipment for advertising opportunities like trade show displays, LED boxes and banners, just to name a few. At SEI, we also assist companies outsource by helping them find manufacturers for both established and new companies. In fact, SEI helps people to develop and produce prototypes and push new products out in the market.

Check back here periodically for more blogs on what SEI has to offer and why it’s important for your business!